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Archive for December, 2011

Teddy Bear the Porcupine Celebrates the New Year

(YouTube link) Teddy gets all festive for New Year’s Eve. He’s happy and talkative, as long as he’s got his corn! This porcupine now has his own Facebook page. Link -via Buzzfeed

Military Experiments with Bat Wings

Batman would have been proud. In 1942, California’s state defense force experimented with bat-like wingsuits for soldiers. The ultimate goal, as explained by the magazine Mechanix Illustrated, was to create an airborne unit that could be deployed with them. Link -via io9

China announces manned moon mission

China has declared plans to land a man on the moon and to build a space station by as early as 2020. The announcement came as part of a five-year plan…

Woman sues man killed by train

A woman hit by a man’s body after he was struck by a train is suing the victim over her injuries. In 2008 Hiroyuki Joho was struck by a train and kill…

Danny Macaskill: Industrial Revolutions

(vimeo link) National Geographic selected ten amazing people for their Adventurers of the Year. You can read about each one and then vote for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Award (through January 18th). One of those finalists is rider Danny MacAskill, whose stunt videos have gone viral over the past couple of years. [...]

Satyr Taxis

You know how young boys spend class time doodling fantastic cars and spaceships? Cornelis Bos did the same thing in the 1550s, except at the time the fanciest mode of transportation was the chariot. He really souped them up in his fantasies! The picture here is described thusly: Chariot of grotesques and scrollwork drawn by two [...]

China Turns Old Soviet Aircraft Carrier into a Luxury Hotel

Launched in 1972, the Kiev was once the pride of the Soviet Navy. But in need of cash, Russia and Ukraine sold it and another carrier called the Varyag to China. Although the Varyag is at sea, China has converted the Kiev into a luxury hotel: This is the Kiev, currently anchored in the Chinese port [...]

Want A New Tattoo? Let These 8 Year Old Twins Ink You Up!

(YouTube Link) When the proud father of 8 year old twins Eloy and Oraibi wanted a new tattoo, he didn’t get all liquored up and head to a parlor down by the docks. Instead, he let his kids take a crack at inking up their old man, and from the looks of it they had a [...]

World Of Warcraft Parody Of Katy Perry Song

(YouTube Link) Do not attempt to adjust your computer screens, Katy Perry did not recently become a huge World Of Warcraft nerd and convert her song E.T. into an homage to the rocky race known as the Draenei. Rather, this video was created by YouTube user taintedlore to show some love to WoW and Katy Perry at [...]

Celebrate New Years Like A Superhero

The folks over at ComicsAlliance have come up with a fun way to celebrate the coming of 2012-superhero inspired cocktails! So, if you’re looking for ways to spice up your New Years party, check out these delicious sounding recipes and decide who’s side you’re on. Note: these cocktails will not give the drinker super powers, nor [...]