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The Most Delightful Tumblrs Of 2011

Interwebs enthusiasts are no doubt familiar with the phenomenon that is Tumblr. This once miniscule network now has their sites plundered and pored over daily by thousands of sites netwide, and for a good reason- many Tumblr blogs are full of great content! Sure, there’s some junk thrown in with the rest, but the gems are [...]

Beautiful Skyrim Cover Performed On Violin

(YouTube Link) The soundtrack music for the video game Skyrim is quite beautiful already, but when Jason Yang and his violin play the songs they become a thing of ethereal beauty. We’ve been seeing a lot of this type of video game and orchestral/classical music crossover (Final Fantasy orchestra, Legend of Zelda orchestra, etc.), and I’m sure [...]

Raiders Of The Lost Archives-A Comparison

(YouTube Link) This eye opening, and beautifully edited, video shows a shot-by-shot comparison of Raiders of the Lost Ark and 31 other films made between 1919 and 1973. To say that there are a few similarities would be an understatement, so obviously this is due to Spielberg doing his homework, right? *wink* If you’ve seen this before, good [...]

Mineways Lets You Print Out Your Minecraft Projects

Ever wished you could make the structures and items you build in Minecraft into something real? Well, a new program called Mineways is going to revolutionize gaming/building by allowing you to render, or print via 3d printer, all of your lovely Minecraft creations! Now you can show people why you’ve spent so many hours building stuff [...]

Cat Attacks Meowing Birthday Card

(Video Link) Lulu hates cats that hide inside singing birthday cards. Be sure to watch until the end to see how passionate is her animosity. -via Johnny Cat

Happy New Year 2012!

(YouTube link) A little something to play while you kiss your sweetie, celebrate with friends, and drink a toast to the year ahead. Those of you who aren’t in the U.S. Eastern time zone, you can play this video at whatever time you find appropriate. May the new year be your best yet! -via Buzzfeed

Over 300 Pounds Of Caviar Found In Russian Morgue

Russian authorities made a fishy discovery this week, when a whopping 385 pounds of caviar was found stashed in a hospital morgue refrigerator. The employees who were arrested for stashing the stuff claim that it was being reserved for a staff New Years party. Here’s why the St. Petersburg police were after the caviar: Most of the [...]

A Gravity Defying Series Of Photographs

It’s hard to make heads or tails of these photos, because photographer Philippe Ramette has manipulated them to create an uneasy sense of gravity defiance. They provoke a feeling of vertigo in some viewers, and your mind will race to separate the elements of the photo and make sense of which way is up. I really enjoy [...]

SwapNote Is Turned Into An Old School RPG

(YouTube Link) One of the great things about this hi-tech world we live in is the fact that most software applications have a multitude of other uses that have yet to be discovered, and even the programmers that created the software don’t know the full extent of what their software can do. Case in point-this mod of [...]

12 Weird Tanks and Armored Vehicles

What is this odd helmet-like object? It’s an armored car built by Venezuela. Machinists at Puerto Cabello Naval Arsenal constructed the Tortuga (turtle) over a Ford 6×4 commercial truck chassis and usually armed it with a Vickers 7mm machine gun. They built only twelve because the Tortuga was hard to steer, poorly ventilated, and offered [...]