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Archive for November, 2011

Will Yelp Put Restaurant Chains Out of Business?

Finding great local restaurants can be a challenge. There seem to be a dozen mediocre, even bad restaurants, for every good one. That’s why chains have gotten so popular in the last few decades. They may not be as good as some independent local places, but you can rely on them to carry the same [...]

Wonderfully Awkward Pet Family Photos

“Why? Why? Why?” That has to be what these dogs are thinking. While they may be embarrassed by the shots their owners seem to love, the rest of us can enjoy just how hilariously bizarre these pictures are. Link

Tiny Tano The Gorilla Finds A Happy Home

How could anyone resist that adorable face? Luckily the Wilhelma Zoo in Germany can’t because they agreed to take in little Tano here after his inexperienced mother showed that she was unable to take care of the little cutie: While at Zoo Prague, keepers rushed him to an incubator because without the body warmth of [...]

10 Entertaining Easter Eggs From Google

Did you know you can make Google do a barrel roll or go askew? Even if you did, you probably didn’t know at least a few of these funny Google Easter Eggs. Link

Live Action Version Of Catwoman Kicking Some Tail

(YouTube Link) It was a great idea to make a stunt video that shows what video game combat would look like in real life, and it makes for an action packed minute-and-a-half. But why do the bad guys always stand around, waiting for their turn to face the character instead of just mobbing them en masse? And [...]

Stand Up To Cancer With Star Wars

(Video Link) Great comics and Star Wars teaming up to fight cancer? That’s certainly something we can all get behind. For more information on how you can help, be sure to check out the Stand Up To Cancer website. Via The Mary Sue

This AT-ST Treehouse Is The Coolest

This awesomely geeky AT-ST treehouse is simple, no-frills fun for a child that’s more content using their imagination all day rather than being plugged in to a tv or video game console all day. Combine this with some sweet kiddy cosplay sessions and you’ve got a little piece of Endor in your backyard. Link –via Geekosystem

Need A Hug, Check Out The Nicest Place On The Internet

The Nicest Place On the Internet is a place where you can cheer up after a hard day. After all, it’s hard not to feel good when random strangers keep giving you a virtual hug. Link

What If Batman: Arkham City Took Place In Springfield?

Every pop culture character looks funnier when they’re Simpsonized! Awesome toon creator Dean Fraser has taken on the video game Batman:Arkham City via his Springfield Punx blog, where stiff upper lips and yellow skin abound. Please note that Dean’s illustrations start about halfway down the page linked to below; the drawings on the upper half are [...]

Movie Posters With A Retro Comics Look

These simplistic yet slick movie posters by Claudia Varosio are inspired by the covers of retro comic books such as Tintin and early Action Comics, and their style suits the movies she’s chosen for her series quite well. Check out the rest at the link below, and if you want one for yourself they’re available [...]