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5 Questions: Boo!

All of us here at mental_floss wish you and yours a safe and happy Halloween. Today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: Boo!

Lean Mean Green Machine

The difference between One-percenters and the rest of us is the price of their Green Machine. If you’re nostalgic about the Green Machine tricycle you had as a kid and you’ve got $75K burning a hole in your pocket, then check this [...]

Tony LaRussa’s Place in Game Show History

On Friday, Tony LaRussa won the third World Series championship of his 33-year Major League managing career. Today, he decided to hang up the dusty old uniform and go out on top by retiring from baseball. When LaRussa thinks back on his illustrious career, he’ll have a lot of amazing memories to reflect on: this year’s [...]

Heidi Klum Strips Bare for Halloween

Supermodel Heidi Klum took it all off for her costume this year. I mean, even her skin. At least, that’s the result of her professional costuming job. View more pictures at the link. Link -via The Mary Sue | Photo: Heidi Klum

Face Discovered in Testicular Tumor

What does it mean? Is it a sign? But when the scrotal ultrasound of a 45-year-old patient with severe testicular pain and a possible mass revealed the surprising image of a man in distress, urologists at Queen’s University, in Ontario, followed proper scholarly procedure: They submitted it to Urology, the official journal of the International Society [...]

Science Teacher Uses Explosive Gas to Carve Jack-o’-Lantern

(Video Link) Mr. Bergmann, a chemistry teacher, showed his students how to carve a jack-o’-lantern quickly and efficiently. By blowing it up. Those chemistry teachers…you’ve got to watch them. -via reddit

Sexy Hungry Man Costume in Real Life

A couple of weeks ago, I featured Jillian Tamaki’s cartoons of unusual sexy versions of Halloween costumes, such as Sexy New York City Subway Rat and Sexy First Edition Old Man and the Sea. Her best idea was a Sexy Hungry Man frozen dinner costume. Kate Thornbery made it a reality. Link

Troll Cat Knows How to Control His Housemates

(Video Link) Confession: sometimes I take Alex’s coffee mug, fill it with coffee from Miss Cellania’s pot, and then leave it on the counter for Miss C to discover. It works every time. -via Blame It on the Voices

Zoidberg Balaclava

Why not Zoidberg? Zoidberg can keep your head warm. And moist, too! Just hold still for a moment. Link | Photo: deviantART user knerdy knits

Can a Boy Join the Girl Scout?

Actually, the answer is yes. The Girl Scout has a rule allowing a transgendered child – meaning if the child identifies as a girl and the family treats him (her) as such, then yes, [...]