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Scantron Art

Image: Echo Eggebrecht Hate standardized test? First, blame a 7th century Chinese emperor named Yang of Sui. See, he invented the world’s first standardized test which lasted [...]

55 Two-Letter Combinations That Actually Count in ‘Words With Friends’

“THAT’s a word?” If you play Words With Friends and are frequently demoralized by opponents scoring very big points using very small words, this list will help you up your game. If you don’t play Words With Friends, perhaps you can work these into conversation. Aa – Noun of Hawaiian origin describing volcanic rock consisting of angular [...]

Yelp Reviews For Places You Can’t (or shouldn’t) Go

With its user-generated reviews and recommendations, Yelp can be great for trying to find a fun spot for dinner. But there are plenty of profiles that aren’t so helpful, and not just because of the quality of the reviews. Pages have sprung up for fake restaurants, jokes from Onion articles and even websites. Check out [...]

Burger King Toppled, Replaced with Burger Democratic Republic

First it was the Arab Spring, then came revolution in the fast food empire with the latest casualty of the monarchy Burger King (the creepy King is dead, long live the creepy King). The Smew [...]

Stopping Poachers With Poison and Pink Dye

While efforts are continually made to stop poachers of endangered species, the reality is that many of these hunters are desperate people. They can make a fortune if they get their hands on an animal with a high value on the black market. A more effective approach might be to curtail the demand for these [...]

The Alnwick Poison Gardens

The Alnwick Poison Gardens in Alnwick, England was established in 2005 by the Duchess of Northumberland. The grounds contain nearly 100 deadly plants that produce poisons or hallucinogens. Some are so dangerous, they are displayed only behind glass. And yes, there are opium poppies, cannabis, and magic mushrooms as well, but you can’t get close [...]

Who’s the Culprit?

(YouTube link) One of the dogs got into the trash. Was it Jed, Xena, or Tank? I think they are all guilty, but one was not smart enough to get rid of the evidence! -via Arbroath

Preserving Geocities for Future Generations

While Geocities is now the target of frequent jokes about how primitive and ridiculous its pages now seem,Geocities was an enormous success at the time—popular enough to fetch more than $3.5 billion when it was purchased by Yahoo! in 1999. It must have really stung the screaming search engine when they ultimately turned off its United [...]

Baby Sharks Birthed in Artificial Uterus

An artificial uterus sounds like a scene from Brave New World. In reality, scientists at the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute in New South Wales, Australia, have so far only nursed six embryos of a wobbegong shark through their last 18 days before birth successfully in a souped-up aquarium with delicately balanced chemicals, filters, and monitors [...]

Orca Talks to a Motorboat

(YouTube link) A killer whale named Luna was separated from his family and lived off the coast of Vancouver Island until his death in 2006. He was friendly with people in boats who went out to visit him, but did he like the people or the boats? In this video, he is imitating the sound of [...]