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Archive for September, 2011

Bacon Candy

Bacon Candy – $5.95 Is your sweet tooth demanding something smoky, meaty, and sweet? Satisfy your inner beast with Bacon Candy from the NeatoShop.  Each delightful tin contains 12 bacony treats. Yummy! Be sure to check out the Bacon Store for more bacon fun! Link

Star Trek: The Next Generation Quiet Book

Children are never too young to be properly introduced to Star Trek, and a crafter named Julie Bell is getting her kids off to the right start. She’s made a cloth book filled with age-appropriate activities that introduce the Enterprise-D crew and life onboard. Pictured above is a zippered turbolift door that opens to reveal [...]

Single Gene Turns Subservient Mouse into Boss Mouse

Two mice meet in a narrow plastic tube that’s not wide enough for both of them. That sounds like the opening of a really bad science joke, but stick with me. The punchline is [...]

The World Record for Riding a Unicycle Down a Line of Beer Bottles

(Video Link) Lutz Eichholz has accomplished the impossible. He previously set the world record for riding a unicycle down a line of beer bottles (a highly competitive event) at 7.99 meters. Now he’s smashed that record by riding 8.93 meters at Unicycle Israel Convention in Tel Aviv. Link -via That’s Nerdalicious!

Company Offers to Invent Fake Girlfriend Who Will Tweet You

It’s a common problem: you’d like to have a girlfriend. So you go out and meet women. And that’s when it all pretty much goes downhill. Now there’s a solution, brought to you by software engineer Ricky Robinett. His service sends you tweets from an apparently female person who not only tolerates your company, but actually [...]

Mexico City Considers Marriage Licenses That Expire after Two Years

Divorces can be messy, so legislators in Mexico City are considering a way to prevent them. They want to allow couples to set expiration dates on their marriages. If a couple decides not to renew, their marriage simply dissolves after as little as two years: The minimum marriage contract would be for two years and could [...]

Mind-Reading Cars from Nissan

Self-driving cars haven’t made it to the streets yet, but they may already soon become obsolete. Nissan is working with the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne on a mind-controlled car that reads the driver’s brain activity, eye movement, and environment to run. There is no release date set and, as you can imagine, a whole [...]

Did Life on Earth Begin at Deep Sea Smokers?

How did life on Earth begin? Well, there are a few hypotheses. In the beginning, for example, there’s the 6-day theory. Then came the Aristotle and his readily observable truths that flies came from decaying [...]

Mid-Car Airbag Inflates to Prevent Passenger-Driver Collisions

GM has developed an airbag that inflates from between the front two seats. It’s designed to protect the driver and passenger during side impacts which may drive them into each other, or onto the far side of the car. At the link, you can watch a slow-motion video of one inflating with a crash test [...]

The Secret of Immortality Is to Become a Noun

(Video Link) Do you want to live forever? You can do that, in a sense, by turning your name into a noun. The French doctor Joseph-Ignace Guillotin invented the guillotine. James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, is known for his now famous sweaters. Jules Léotard lives on in common dancewear. That’s the key! You’ve got [...]