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The Late Movies: Daniel Johnston, Beautiful Singer of Broken Dreams

Daniel Johnston is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, and visual artist…who happens to suffer from crippling bipolar disorder. His songs are generally sweet, vulnerable, and at least a little weird. As Johnston has aged, his delivery has become increasingly warbly, though his youthful spirit shines through: the man radiates a wonderful mixture [...]

Cylindrical Mouse

The Japanese design firm nendo and the electronics company Elecom came up with this innovative mouse design. The Kandenchi has three buttons and a scroll wheel. It connects to a computer through a wireless hookup. Link (Google Translate) -via OhGizmo!

World’s First Airport for Exclusively Unmanned Aircraft

The British government has opened a new airport in Wales that will provide services only to unmanned aircraft. Among them is the Royal Air Force’s Watchkeeper drone, which is pictured above. Before this airport opened, there were few places where the Royal Air Force could test its drones. Now the RAF will have 500 square [...]

Human Heart Beating in a Box

(Video Link) Researchers at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center have built a machine that keeps a heart designated for transplantation active. Using this machine increases the amount of time that the organ can remain outside of a human body but still suitable for a transplant. You can skip ahead to 1:10 in the video to [...]

Woman Buys Wooden iPad for $180

I wish that she had talked to me first. I would have gotten her one for half that price. Plus a small handling fee, of course. But like the wooden iPad that a woman in South Carolina purchased, it wouldn’t have worked. According to the police report, the victim: [...] told deputies that she was approached [...]

Man Makes a Twitter Bet with His Boss, Wins $17,000

Poultry Keeper is a UK-based website for people who raise chickens, geese, and turkeys. Tim Daniels, the webmaster, tried to persuade his supervisor to see the value of Twitter. His boss didn’t believe him, so they made the wager described above. Daniels’ tweet was retweeted so many times that, by the terms of the bet, [...]

Ultimate Game Playing on a Roller Coaster Photo

It all started four years ago with a xkcd panel. Then it turned into a meme, nay, a movement of people around the world playing games, usually chess, on roller coasters and water rides. Can this photo be topped? How would you do so? -via Geekologie

G-Male is Google’s New Boyfriend Feature

(Video Link) Google is now offering its boyfriend feature to selected users. G-Male is the perfect boyfriend. He knows everything about you! Everything. Don’t worry about the screenshot displayed. This video from Comediva is completely safe. Link -via Joe Carter

The Most Terrifying Pirates In History

Most of us know about Black Beard, but the pirates with the really ruthless reputations tend to be the ones ignored in pop culture -because who want to idolize creepy, blood-thirsty monsters. For those of you interested in the dark side of history, you’ll certainly enjoy this great Cracked article featuring the most terrifying pirates [...]

Amazing Animal Sculptures

Etsy seller Creaturesfromel creates one of a kind animals from wire, clay and paint. The results are stunning and certainly worth a look. Link Via BuzzFeed