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Hello Kitty And Street Fighter Team Up

This is not a joke, Capcom, the company behind Street Fighter and many other video games, and Sanrio, the makers of Hello Kitty and all things minimalist cute, have formed a partnership in order to collaboratively release merchandise featuring characters from both franchises. Imagine what Keroppi will do when Blanka challenges him to a battle! [...]

Wii-mote Controlled Fire Breathing Pony

(Video Link) This innocent looking robotic pony has a dark secret-he breathes fire like a dragon! Apparently, he wants to show the world that he’s worthy of serving as a mount for one of the Four Horsemen, once he’s full-grown of course. He was created for Maker Faire Detroit 2011, and is cleverly controlled via Wii-mote. [...]

Make Your Own Ron Swanson Paper Doll

If you love Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation, then rejoice, you can finally have your own version at home thanks to these delightful paper dolls. He even comes with his own Mulligan’s restaurant bib. Link Via BuzzFeed

Deleted Scene From Lost Explains More Than The Show Finale

(Video Link) If you were disappointed by the lack of explanation in the last episode of Lost, then this deleted scene from the end of season one will probably leave a bad taste in your mouth. Is this clip for real, or just a clever way for the show’s producers to get revenge for the backlash [...]

14 Cool Eco-Friendly Home Crafts

If you’re looking for a little home-decor inspiration but don’t want to spend a fortune on materials, this great WebEcoist article has a great collection of easy-to-make and eco-friendly crafts to help you spruce up your home. While I love the look of the lace lanterns, I have to say the most functional would probably [...]

The Best of The Chemistry Cat Meme

While I love LOL Cats, I don’t post them on Neatorama all too often because I know some people aren’t big fans. That being said, when the meme was combined with terrible chemistry puns, I couldn’t resist sharing with all of you. Link

The Hunchcat of Notre Dam

(Video Link) I know this video is super short, but I assure you, the one second or so of actual action makes it entirely worth viewing. Via BuzzFeed

Awesome Russian Yearbook Photos

When I was in school, the only things you could do to show off your originality was to switch up your clothes, hair and make up. One Russian school decided to let the kids have a little more fun by allowing each one to draw up their own background on the chalk boards. The results [...]

An Adorable Little Assassin

(Video Link) This little Assassins Creed wannabe goes through the moves and shows you that she’s a force to be reckoned with, if only for the fact that her power of cuteness is irresistible. Link

Roseart v. Crayola: the Sun Test

Photo credit: Katiedidit Reddit user Katiedidit was making some art by melting crayons on a canvas in the hot Texas sun. She had a couple of brands on hand and decided to try each on a canvas. Surprisingly, the Roseart barely melted, making you wonder… What’s in those things if not paraffin? Link via Geekologie