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Archive for January, 2011

Motohiko Odani’s Twisty Sculptures

Japanese artist Motohiko Odani makes gloriously fluid sculptures. I can’t quite figure out what material he uses. This unicorn sculpture lies at the center of an exhibit of his work called “Phantom Limb” at the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo. This Is Colossal has other photos from the show. Link via Dude Craft | Artist’s Website [...]

Hole-Punch Clouds

P. Wesley Tyler, Jr. captured this spooky image. What you’re looking at a hole-punch cloud: Hole-punch clouds are miniature snowstorms that can occur in thin, subfreezing cloud layers. The lack of fine particles, such as dust, in the clouds means water droplets have little to condense around, so they don’t turn to ice until the cloud hits [...]

Octopus in a Beer Bottle

(Video Link) An octopus seen off the coast of Blairgowrie, Australia, was able to enter and exit the narrow opening of a beer bottle. I can respect an octopus that can handle his beer. via Geekologie

Heart Spatula

Heart Spatula – $9.95 Valentine’s Day is almost here! Are you still looking for that perfect gift for your sweetie? Well, nothing says I love when you cook me dinner like the Heart Spatula from the NeatoShop. Be sure to visit the NeatoShop for more kitchen fun.

Hearing Aid is Attached to Your Teeth

A company called Sonitus Medical recently acquired FDA approval for its new hearing aid system. It’s called SoundBite, and involves two machines: one that slips behind the user’s ear, and another that fits on the molars. Sound picked up by the earpiece is transmitted wirelessly to the mouthpiece, which vibrates the teeth. The vibrations can [...]

Tron Wars

(YouTube link) Tron and Star Wars: two classic sci-fi film franchises. Both were considerably better a few decades ago, yet are fueled by such creative ideas – not to mention rabid fans – that they remain eternally awesome, Jar-Jar be damned. We’ve seen countless Star Wars mash-ups, and not a few Tron mash-ups, so it’s actually [...]

Real Life Buster Sword

The Buster Sword is a special weapon that appears in Final Fantasy VII. Flickr user Michaelcthulhu either made or commissioned a realistic version of one. In the linked video, he does his best to swing it like a functional weapon. The sword is for sale, so you’d better grab it before someone else does. Video via [...]

Stanley Fish Lists the Best Sentences in the English Language

Literary theorist and columnist Stanley Fish has listed and described what he regards as the five greatest sentences ever composed in the English language. Among them is this selection from John Bunyan’s 1678 work The Pilgrim’s Progress. In my limited experience, I cannot think of any craftsman of the English language greater than Vladimir Nabokov, [...]

Candy Cuffs

Candy Cuffs – $6.95 Candy Cuffs from the NeatoShop, because sometimes your cravings for sweets just cannot be contained. What? Did you think I was going to make some sort of naughty Valentine’s Day reference? Get your mind out of the gutter. Candy Cuffs clearly have other purposes. Visit the NeatoShop for more deliciously fun gift ideas.

Neighbors Neuter Prized Cat

Michelle Curtis of New Zealand has a very prized cat for a pet. Her cat, Buddy, is Siamese-Bengal. Buddy went missing for a few days. When he was returned Michelle was horrified to find out that neighbors had neutered poor Buddy. Apparently one neighbor trapped the cat and another neighbor paid to have the cat fixed. [...]