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Bud Shaw’s Year in Review

In 2010, retired heavyweight Mike Tyson appeared on Animal Planet. As a pigeon racer. The Pittsburgh Pirates fired a pierogi mascot for ripping the team on Facebook. A Norwegian cross country skier blamed failing to win a gold medal in the Winter Olympics on watching too much porn. A Phillies fan purposely threw up on a man and the [...]

The Late Movies: Ringing in a New Year

As we welcome 2011, enjoy some New Year music and memories. And use a designated driver! Happy New Year Rhe DeVille updated her 2009 song to usher in 2011. * World’s Happiest Penguin The world’s happiest penguin dances to Auld Lang Syne as the snow falls. It’s a Happy Feet New Year! * The New Year Party When Harry Met Sally, the ending [...]

The Ice Caves of Mt. Erebus

A volcano in Antarctica called Erebus is home to a network of ice caves. Hot gasses from the volcano carves through the thick ice to leave channels where ice crystals then grow. Dr. Kayla Iacovino wrote about visiting one of them called Warren Cave, and included more photographs. Link -via The Dystenium Science Daily Previously: Ice [...]

Why Are the Western Ends of Cities Generally Wealthier than the Eastern Ends of Cities?

Dan Zambonini alleges that cities in the northern hemisphere tend to have poorer eastern rather than western sides. He then suggests that this is because wealthier people could afford to be upwind of air pollution: Many older cities rapidly expanded during the Industrial Revolution, as workers flocked to the urban centers. As the towns and cities [...]

You Could Fit a Skyscraper inside the World’s Largest Cave

Hang Ken, a cave rediscovered in Vietnam last year, may be the largest in the world: Surrounded by jungle and used in the Vietnam war as a hideout from American bombardments, it is so large that it could hold a block of 40-storey skyscrapers. Its entrance was only rediscovered last year. The photograph was taken by a [...]

Archive: December 2010

Happy Holidays and New 2011 Year from DRB! Chocolate is addictive, and so is the spectacular imagery… The Platypus: Nature’s “Swiss Army Knife” This weird guy has webbed feet, lays eggs and sweats milk Amazing Automatons: Ancient Robots & Victorian Androids Industrious Little Clockwork Creatures! Megastructures: Bigger-Than-Worlds Super Colossal Planet & Astro Engineering Modern Wild Looking Tables Strange surfaces to keep your food [...]

World’s Oldest Dad | Father In The Indian History World Record Ever

Ramjit Raghav world’s oldest father has done it again, father of a child believes the secret to eternal youth is half a kilo of butter washed down with three litres of milk every day. And Ramjit Raghav must be doing something right. At the age of 94, he claims, he has just celebrated the birth of [...]

The Day Walt Disney Kidnapped Richard Nixon

Yes, Walt Disney kidnapped then-Vice President Richard Nixon and his family in 1959 – but it wasn’t exactly a sinister plot. The Nixons were on hand at Disneyland to help dedicate the brand-new, never-before-seen Monorail system. It was a hot day, so Walt invited the Nixons into the Monorail’s air conditioned cab. It had to [...]

A New Year’s Eve Champagne FAQ

As midnight approaches on December 31st, more than a few of us will crack open a bottle or two of champagne to help toast in the New Year. With a few choice facts about the bubbly stuff, you can look knowledgeable rather than just tipsy when you drain your flute. Here are a few little [...]

Burger King Creates Brussels Sprouts Burger

For a limited time, Burger King restaurants in Britain are offering Whoppers that come with Brussels sprouts. They vegetables are ground into a paste, mixed with Emmentaler cheese, and formed into a patty. Link via Geekosystem | Photo: Burger King