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Courchevel Airport

Landing at World’s Most Dangerous Courchevel Airport is a French airport that serves Courchevel, one of the best ski resorts in Europe. This airport is one of the most dangerous and unusual airports in the world .The airport has a very short runway of only 525 metres(1722ft) with gradient of 18.5 %. There is no [...]

How Secure Is Your Password

One password I use would take about 154 nonillion years for a desktop PC to crack. Reassuring.In order to access computer networks, online bank or e-mail accounts, we need a wide range of usernames and passwords.Read More :- How Secure Is My Password

Top 10 Most Deadliest Poisonous Snakes in the World

Top ten most deadliest snakes are venomous creatures, yet are the most beautiful creation of mother nature. Snakes as always are wonderful species of our eco system. As like other wild creatures, their existence too is indeed important to maintain nature’s ecological balance. Snakes never attack humans willingly else they get aggressive only when are [...]

Tarantula cocktail

The arachnophobe’s nightmare is made using rice wine, jack fruit and a tarantula – which many Cambodians believe can help your heart and work as an aphrodisiac.Photographer Tim Whitby, who took the pictures, said the tarantulas are added live to the mixture to preserve their freshness.They are also fried and sold at roadside kiosks.The trade [...]

World’s Oldest Shoe

For lovers of fashion, it’s the ultimate vintage shoe.Created more than 5,500 years ago at the dawn of civilisation this perfectly preserved brown leather lace-up is the oldest shoe in the world.It was created from a piece of cow hide 1,000 years before the Great Pyramid of Giza and stitched together with leather thread.The size [...]

Mother Sells Breast Milk Online

A young mum has come up with a novel way of earning some extra cash while on maternity leave – by selling her breast milk online. Cash-strapped Toni Ebdon, 26, gave birth earlier this year and found herself producing more than enough milk for baby boy David. A friend joked that she was producing so [...]

BMW Made Out Of Stone

A BMW Z4 made out of stone, just hangin’ out, just chillin’ Our fellow M-Coupist and world traveller Eric Brum was walking along Beijing’s art district when, from far away, he spotted a BMW Z4 Coupe sporting what he thought was an unusual wrap.What a weird idea, wrapping a car to make it look like [...]

Beer Production and Consumption Around the World

Beer is the World’s Third-Most Consumed Beverage, Losing Only to Water and tea in Terms of popularity and with Nearly With 148 Billion Litre produced, The People Consumed All Of this Beer Are as Diverse as the Beers They Brew. The Graphic Below Illustrates The Differences of Comsumption and Production by CountryRead More :- Lunch

Blue Alligator

The large gator looks a stunning shade of blue as the bright morning sky reflects off her wet back.She appeared to change from her usual dark brown to black, grey and blue over the space of just a few minutes as the sun rose over the lake at 7am.But unlike a chameleon, the change of [...]

Apartment Built Using Paper and Carton

“Casa de Karton” is the name of Don Lucho’s project where he has built an apartment using carton and paper. The apartment has all the furniture and other items that a kitchen or a bedroom is expected to have. Being in these “carton rooms” will make you feel like you’re a part of a drawing.Beside [...]