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Brazilian Underwear Day 2010

Brazilian Underwear Day pics 2010Blog Guy, I understand yesterday was some kind of national holiday in Brazil. You usually keep us up on stuff like that. Sorry. Yes, it was Brazil Underwear Day, so they all went around in bras and panties and lingerie.Wow! That must seem very odd, huh?I’ll say! Because in another couple [...]

The Late Movies: “Dust in the Wind” Covers

“Dust in the Wind” was released way back in 1977. Written and performed by the band Kansas, it was their biggest hit, despite (or perhaps because of) its prominent viola melody — not something you’d expect in a hit pop song. Since 1977 it has popped up all over the place, from a Will Ferrell [...]

The Best Inventions by Professor Frink of The Simpsons

Professor John I.Q. Nerdelbaum Frink, Jr. is a character on The Simpsons. He’s a socially inept scientist and inventor known to proclaiming nonsensical words when he’s nervous. On the show, he often produces inventions of questionable utility and scientific rigor. Dan at McLOL has compiled a list of some of Frink’s more absurd inventions, along [...]

LOST Meets LOLCats

Remember Travis Pitts and his awesome design, “We’ve Got Some Work To Do, Now?” Well, he’s still coming up with great ideas, mashing up different threads of pop culture in clever ways. To paraphrase Travis, I’m frankly surprised no one’s thought of this yet. Bigger image at the Flickr link. Link (via Super Punch)

The Quick 10: Why Betty White is Awesome

Between her Snickers Super Bowl ad, the petition to have her host Saturday Night Live and just because she’s awesome in general, Betty White has been getting a lot of press lately. She’s been in the business since the 1940s, so you can bet Betty has a few interesting stories up her sleeve. Wouldn’t you [...]

Fire Shaving

I am 19, and with my family gene history, that means that I am just starting to hit puberty …… More accurately, it means I am at the point where I have just enough facial hair for it to be a pain in my ass, but not enough for me to do anything cool with [...]

What Do the Olympic Rings Mean?

In 1894, Pierre Frédy, Baron de Coubertin—a French aristocrat and intellectual who had previously attempted to incorporate more physical education into the curriculum of the country’s schools—convened a congress in Paris with the goal of reviving the ancient Olympic Games (an idea Coubertin first introduced at a USFSA meeting in 1889). The congress agreed on [...]