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This post at oddee shows some interesting home designs.  Here’s an image of my personal favorite. The theme of the post is gravity-defying so some other interesting ones include the Upside Down House and Floating Castle. There are quite a few others worth checking out as well. The mushroom house

High Heels

I ran across some strange shoes today…well actually high heels. I think the picture says it all, but there’s some interesting tidbits after the link:  NYT on the Paris Fashion Week Killer Shoes

A Few Odd Festivals

I came across this interesting link today: 8 Wacky Fall Festivals.  There’s some pretty strange ones in there, including the Great Outhouse Blowout, which seems to be a race that requires carrying an outhouse with someone seated inside!

Strangest divination techniques?

Some would argue that attempting to read the future is already a bit strange.  There’s always the commonly known methods of tarot cards, tea leaves, and palm reading.  What about some other less common methods?  Take gastromancy (divination by stomach noises) or tyromancy (divination by cheese) as examples.  Well, I wouldn’t expect these to be [...]